Can you execute a marketing sweepstakes promotion on your own? You can try -- if you're a glutton for punishment. It's a much better idea to partner with a sweepstakes administration company like CFA.

A promotional sweepstakes contest can go one of two ways for a business: Either it can be a smashing success with tons of brand awareness and new customers generated for the company, or it can be a complete disaster with PR and/or legal consequences that will make your head spin.

But the good news is that CFA is your one-stop sweepstakes administration company that is ready and available to help your business organize and manage your next sweepstakes promotion. CFA specializes in promotional sweepstakes and with over 30+ years’ experience at helping companies like yours avoid unnecessary entanglements.

If you're in the market for sweepstakes administration provider, here are several of the sweepstakes administration services you should expect to receive from CFA/

  • Design & rules development. The FTC is acutely aware of the fraudulent potential of a promotional sweepstakes. CFA is one of the top Sweepstakes administrators in the country and we will help you create rules that protect your company and the contest or sweepstakes integrity.
  • Full compliance. CFA when drafting rules for the Sweepstakes administration portion of your sweepstakes or contest will ensure full legal compliance at every stage of the process, including public notifications, official rules, W9 and 1099 distributions, and other details you don't want to think about.
  • Contest promotion. Your contest's effectiveness will be limited by the number of people who participate in it. A qualified sweepstakes administration company like CFA with a proven track record in achieving targeted participation levels with similarly sized companies in your industry.
  • Winner selection & validation. If there is even a hint of misconduct in the selection of the winner your company will have a major PR nightmare on its hands. CFA is experienced at the process of selecting and validating winners—and if something goes wrong, they provide a buffer between you and the public. CFA has administered over 1,000 programs in just the past two years and CFA averages over 500 programs a year.