If you want to hold a sweepstake as a promotional event for your company, you have probably at least once been intimidated by the number of legal guidelines that exist. Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Sweepstakes administration companies exist to plan and manage all of that for you.   Running a business is already challenging. Add in administering a promotional event such as a sweepstake, and you’re probably going to need some assistance. Luckily for you, that’s a specialty for CFA Promo.   CFA Promo is the best sweepstakes administration company to choose.  With a 100% customer satisfaction and 20 years’ experience in providing businesses like yours with stellar results, it’s easy to see why. We have currently planned and managed more than 1500 sweepstakes, contests, games, and other promotional events and we can do it for yours too.   We feel that understanding what the service is that you are signing up for is a fundamental element in making your final decision. Here’s some information about what a sweepstakes administration company does for your business.   What You Need for a Sweepstakes A sweepstake is a promotional event that increases popularity to your company and entices consumers to buy your goods or services through the free entrance and drawing of random winners for specific prizes.   However, doing that is easier said than done. Several factors contribute to the success of your promotion instead of the downfall.   You must design how your sweepstakes will run. You come up with entry requirements, decide the prizes, the winners and how you will choose them. Oh, but then there are those dreaded legal requirements that can seem overwhelming.   Not when you leave it to the professionals with 20+ years of experience.   What These Companies Offer Sweepstakes administration companies organize and manage your promotion, but how exactly do they do it and what does in entail? In other words, what are you paying for when you decide to allow them to work their magic.   Well, we’re not sure about the other companies but, we figure their work isn’t nearly as exceptional as ours. CFA Promo offers the following services for sweepstakes management and planning:
  •    Full Compliance
  •    Contest Promotion
  •    Winner Selection and Validation
  •    Design and Rules Development
All these services are critical elements in the success of your sweepstakes. They all also have rules that are specific to the state where you are planning to conduct the promotion. When you choose CFA, you don’t have to worry about skipping any critical law and landing a lawsuit instead of more customers.   Why Choose CFA Promo? Not only is CFA Promo well-known for their exceptional results in sweepstakes management, but they also provide a vast pool of other services as well. They are recognized experts in the field of contests, sweepstakes, games, and other promotional events that will have your customers buzzing about your company.   Conclusion Sweepstakes management doesn’t have to be the headache that it seems like when you hire the best sweepstakes administration company to do the hard work for you. Call CFA Promo today to begin planning your event and put your mind at ease.