Sweepstakes Administration Companies

Managing Your Promotion With Sweepstakes Administration Companies

Sweepstakes generally present a wondrous opportunity for companies to create product awareness. When it comes to promoting brands and products, there is no better way to get people’s attention rallied around them than this. Presented through advertising media, companies offer cash or prizes to compliment brand messages. However, these payoffs are subject to a range of legal scrutiny.

As a matter of fact, it can be quite very complicated to effectively manage and administer promotions. Rules must be drafted and strictly complied with to ensure a smooth running of the sweepstakes and select winners. This is why most businesses would prefer to work with sweepstakes administration companies to ensure that proper legal implementation, compliance, procurement, and fulfillment are duly observed.

As part of efforts to manage your promotions, these sweepstakes administration companies will work with you as much as you need to help you deliver prizes, report taxes, validate winners for eligibility, and obtain insurance. They can also guide you on matters relating to local, state, and federal laws. Ultimately, there is rarely any aspect of your sweepstakes or contest that these administration companies cannot manage.

If your ultimate goal is to capture your audience’s attention, here is how sweepstakes administration companies can be of help to you.

Preparation of winners lists

By law, you are required to provide a list of winners when called upon to do so. Interestingly, you can do this without any hassle as these companies can effectively help to fulfill all your winner’s list requests. Basically, they can help to create a certified official winners’ list that is independent of other groups.

Sweepstakes Administration

For your sweepstakes or contest, your administration company will basically try to make fair and impartial decisions and also help to interpret rules thereby acting as the third party independent judging organization. They will also help to provide an efficient medium (such as an online interface) aimed at gathering entries so as to ensure everything runs smoothly as expected. They will work as an independent party for your sweepstakes.

Validation and release of documents

Winners will be notified by your sweepstakes administration company. The winner validation will also be drafted and delivered by them. Other documents such as Prize and Travel Releases, Advertising and Publicity Release, Affidavit of Eligibility, and Congratulations Letter will also be released. In a bid to verify the eligibility of each winner in the contest or sweepstakes, your sweepstakes administration company will try to complete the validation process after receiving the completed paperwork from the winners. If need be, a detailed background check will be performed on winners.

Bonding and registration

Most sweepstakes administration companies take it upon themselves to file surety bonds for their clients, as well as register their promotions in their respective states of operation. As required by law, it is their responsibility to ensure that the winner’s list for the promotion is duly certified and submitted. Also, it is good to know that they can they can be very helpful in ensuring the release of the surety bonds.


Sweepstakes Administration Companies