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Shop Front Led Display Lighting

Shopfront LED display lighting places you in control of your business. Captivate anyone passing by with powerful as well as fresh videos and digital posters. Digital Glass helps customers create cutting edge advertising turning every passerby into a potential customer.

Do displays work?

Displays capture the attention of your potential customers. People near your store become audience members drawn to your advertising.

This audience converts into customers. Foot traffic for businesses that do not use displays rose 13 percent on average. Others benefit from the ability to promote sales, capturing people looking mainly for deals in moderate to high traffic areas.

Can I personalize my display?

Personalization makes a difference. Advertising tailored to your market is 202 percent more effective in generating a sale than a general poster.

Digital displays allow you to customize your message for whichever crowd is nearby. Whether walking towards the biggest rugby match or visiting the opera, you can twist your visuals to captivate any audience in near real-time. Such advertising is nearly as effective as internet marketing.

Does visual marketing create sales?

Video and photography provide a return on investment. People engage with the visual medium on an emotional and personal level, especially with carefully crafted material.

Thirty-five percent of customers were more likely to purchase an item after watching a video. Thirty-three percent of sales on Amazon come from video advertising or promotions.

Create an experience

Visitors want an experience and to understand what they are purchasing. A sale involves more than a deal today.

Videos and photography allow you to connect with your target market on a personal level. Digital displays allow you to continuously tailor your content in the same ways as digital marketers.

Why should I use an LED display?

When deciding on which display to obtain, LED is an economical and environmentally sound option. LED displays are thinner than their LCD counterparts. They use up to 80 percent less energy as well, saving you money while allowing you to promote a greener image.

LED monitors retain the quality of LCD as well. Digital Glass offers high definition 4k monitors.

What is the cost of a digital display?

Digital displays recover their costs within three to four years. Companies spend nearly 26000 Australian dollars on LED monitors and installment.

While the initial price is high, this option saves money over time. Marketing firms charge $5000 or more for sets of displays that must rotate monthly or bi-monthly to remain effective. Digital displays simply require a producer with video editing skills, a graphic designer, or yourself at as little as $300 per set.

Where can I purchase shop front LED display lighting?

Digital Glass installs high quality LED lighting and monitors allowing retailers to turn windows and panels into revenue generators. Captivate your potential customers with ease. We offer free demonstrations and up-front estimates for our work.

Get in contact with our experts today to receive a free demonstration of the power of LED display lighting.

Shop Front Led Display Lighting