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5 Common Mistakes Promo Contest Managers Make And How To Avoid Them

Contest and sweepstakes are perfect ways through which promo contest managers explore new opportunities on behalf of a company. They are excellent ways to grow an audience within a short time. However, many promo contest managers set unrealistic expectations. When contests aren't planned well, they don't lead to the expected outcome. Most times, contests fail because of the mistakes by the organizers. To run a successful contest for your company, it is important that you learn what these mistakes are and try as much a possible to avoid them.

5 Common Mistake You Should Avoid During Contests

1) Making Entry A Cumbersome Process

It is important that the entry process for the contest is straightforward. It's true that those people like free things. However, when they have to struggle to look for the entry route, they tend to give up on the idea as a whole. Sometimes, they may even refer to it as a scam. Don't make it hard for people to understand what they are expected to do to participate in the contest. This can reduce the number of entries. Fewer entries mean a smaller audience. This inevitably means fewer conversations. One way you can make sure that your promotions are easy to enter is to send them out to a few people first before sending them to a larger audience.

2) Making The Entry Barrier Too High

So, maybe your entry is easy to identify, but the barriers people have to cross are too high. This is one thing that can discourage people who have interest in your contest. Making your entry process too long is enough to turn a customer away from your site entirely. Some customers might also be suspicious when the company is requesting way too much information. If you want your contest to bring in the desired results, don't request long and tiring entry requirements.

3) Demanding A Sign-up

Everyone hates to fill sign-up forms whether you like to believe it or not. Requesting sign-ups from people who may not even be familiar with your organization yet is one way to ruin your contest. This doesn't mean sign-ups don't work. They can work in your favor if you use them right and offer the right incentives. A good way to know how your audience will respond to a sign-up form is to run an A/B test. You can send 50% a version that requires sign-up and 50% a version that doesn't require sign-up. Compare the results and see what works best for you.

4) Not Checking Compatibility

It is important that your contest can be entered by anyone, any time of the day. When you create a contest that is not compatible with every browser, you're already setting the stage for failure. To avoid this, always test the promotions on the major web browsers. When you're running a test, don't just concern yourself with the interface, consider the entire thing. Go through it and see if everything is fine and easy to navigate.

5) Offering The Wrong Price

Your promotion will underperform if your price isn't in line with what your audience wants. The price you choose should be valuable to your audience. If the price isn't attractive or it is relatively low, the turnout will subsequently be low. You need to attract the right audience for the right price.

These are just five of the most common mistakes promo contest managers make while organizing contests.


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