Contest Administration Services

Why Every Organization Needs Contest Administration Services

Considering the level of competition among retailers these days, if you have not included sweepstakes and contests in your marketing strategies, you are still very much behind. More organizations are beginning to hire experts in contest administration services because they are now aware of the importance of contests. If you have not thought of it, here are some of the reasons you should include it in your marketing strategies.

It helps you build your fan base fast

Believe it or not, your fan base can increase from 100 to 5,000 within a couple of days with a well- publicized contest. Apart from the sweepstakes that winners will earn, the fact that you will announce their names makes it fun for all participants.

It boosts your popularity

Another reason you need contest administration services is increase in popularity. People who are already participating in the contest will notify their friends about it. More people will keep joining the contest until you hit the deadline.

Some people will participate because some of their colleagues have already participated. They don’t want to be the only one missing out. As more people are joining, it will continue to boost your popularity. And popularity comes with credibility and trust. To allow more people to participate in the contest, you should let it run for a pretty long time.

It gives you opportunity to engage your customers/audience

By including a little survey with the contest, it gives you opportunity to get certain feedbacks from your customers and prospective customers. Just include a couple of questions about your products in the contest. You will get faster and better response than if you just send out surveys.

Brand attachment

At the end of the contest, the winners of the main prizes and consolatory prizes will automatically be emotionally attached to your brand no matter how small the gifts are. They will always choose you over most of your competitors.

In fact, some of the participants that didn’t win will also be attached to your brand. It is often a better idea to make a lot of people win. So, small gifts that will be won by more people are better than big gifts that will be won by only a few. Making it a periodical contest is the best.

Easier profiling

Some of your customers that are usually reluctant to fill your registration form will be too willing to fill it out to be eligible to participate in the contest. They won’t want to be disqualified for any reason. So, they will gladly and enthusiastically fill the forms. You can take advantage of the contest to get as much information as possible.

Winners will do more marketing for you

You should make the sweepstakes branded non-consumable goods. That way, the winners will flaunt it around and as they do, they automatically help you increase your popularity. For instance, does a branded T-shirt not speak for itself?

In conclusion, if you have not conducted any contest before, it is better you consult providers of contest administration services because it is not easy to carry out especially when you are expecting thousands of participants. You need to get it right the first time. Controversies in contests can rob you of the positive publicity that you hope to achieve.


Contest Administration Services