Hosting a contest is a fun and exciting way to engage with your customers over your products and services. Consumers will showcase their abilities while performing a specific talent in hopes to win a prize that reflects on your company. As you advertise your contest, you will promote your company. Once people get a sample of your products (the awards) and start talking about how great they are, your profits will increase. Overall, contests are great marketing tools to improve population to your company.   However, as easy as that sounds, some laws must be followed that protect the consumers from fraudulent companies. These regulations can be very tedious, and if not done right, they can result they can result in a massive lawsuit against your company.   CFA Promo has decades of experience in contest administration, and we are considered the leading experts. If this is your first contest, we highly recommend consulting us for your administration needs or legal counseling to ensure that you have covered everything.   What Is Involved in Contest Administration? Skills contest might be a lot of fun when choosing the winner, but there are specific guidelines in every aspect. From entry requirements to the selecting a winner, there are specific laws that you must follow. For example, there can be not winners by chance. If a winner is chosen by chance instead of specifically for the skill they performed, then you risk turning your contest into sweepstakes. While that may not sound like big of a deal, the law will take it very seriously when they charge you with fraud for advertising it as one thing, and it turns into another.   See how things can go wrong very fast? If you don’t have experience, what you hoped would prosper your business can become your downfall.   What Does a Contest Administration Company Do? Not to worry though, when you hire a contest administration company like CFA Promo you can rest assured that a situation like the one mentioned above won’t arise and cause you any trouble. Why? Well, we have a process for the way we manage our promotional events. You can expect us to design the rules and entry requirements for your contest, full legal compliance throughout the entire process, advertisement of your competitions, judge and winner selection, and much more.   Why CFA Promo? CFA Promo has over 20 years of experience and is well-known experts in contest administration as well as many other promotional events. We strive to provide superb results that go above and beyond your expectations while offering competitively low prices. If you’re planning a skills contest, we’d like to speak with you about your needs. Give CFA Promo a call today.   Conclusion Don’t fall through the legal cracks during what should a fun and exciting way to promote your business. Give your worries to the experts at CFA Promo. We specialize in contest administration and ensure quality results and 100% satisfaction. If you need more reassurance, look at the ones we’ve done in the past and let our work speak for itself.