Changes to Instagram

On January 30, 2018, Instagram launched a new Graph API and announced a plan to deprecate their older API Platform over the next two years, beginning on July 31, 2018. On April 4, 2018, in the wake of Facebook’s work to protect user data, Instagram accelerated the deprecation schedule by immediately deprecating some of the older APIs. The changes apply [...]

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Big League Chew to Send Lucky Fan to Induction Weekend at the National Baseball Hall of Fame

Fans to submit “Best Baseball Day Ever” memories for a chance to win trip to Cooperstown, NY Framingham , Ma (January 31, 2018) – Cohen- Friedberg Associates  ( www.cfapromo.com ) is currently helping Iconic bubble gum brand Big League Chew and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in giving fans a chance to be a part [...]

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From Text-to-Win Sweeps to Mobile Product Demo Extensions In-Store

Text to win engage and acquire promotions continue to re-emerge as a go-to retail promotion in 2018. The opportunity to engage in-store and gather consumer data for remarketing is priceless value! As email boxes flood, mobile text to enter and win promotions offer the intimacy and delivery timing that rises above the noise. We’ve recently [...]

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Who and what does the CEO of CFA, Mark Cohen do on a day to day basis?

Clients engage CFA for fun, exciting ideas. Sometimes, the promotions they have in mind to build and execute aren't legally compliant, with many nuances and stipulations to consider. That's where CFA’s CEO, Mark Cohen comes in. Mark with over 30+ years handling rules,works with clients to make sure promotions are compliant and executable from every [...]

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Why Social Media Contests Must ALWAYS Have Official Rules

By Carolyn Wilman, www.cfapromo.com   My #1 tip for marketers - ALWAYS HAVE OFFICIAL RULES. Why? If you do not have official rules, you are opening yourself up to all types of legal, ethical, moral, and logistics problems. Marketers always have a set of official rules when running an online sweepstakes because it’s easy. You most [...]

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How sweepstakes experts can help your company grow

One of the types of promotions you can do to help your company grow is to run a sweepstakes or contest, and sweepstakes experts are there to help you maximize this growth. These days, sweepstakes management companies are the way to go to get the best ROI for your campaigns. Promotions that are win win [...]

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Putting Together Official Contest Rules in 5 Easy Steps

Nearly every U.S. state has some specifics on what you must include in your contest rules. The first thing about creating contest rules is to understand the difference between contest rules and sweepstakes rules. They are written in different ways. Simply put: sweepstakes winning is determined randomly without prejudice, and contest winners are chosen by [...]

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