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Business Cards LeicesterNicely printed business cards provide an excellent way to exchange information with other business people. Don't pay more than you must for business cards. Leicester is where you will find Printanet products in the hands and on the desktops of very successful people. To know more, call on 0560 1168 059.

According to some sources, business cards in Leicester actually have their origins in 17th century France. They were originally used as 'visite biletes', or visiting cards, and only by members of the aristocracy. These early paper predecessors to business cards Leicester were handed to a doorman or other servant at any home to which the distinguished guest paid a visit. With this card, their arrival would be announced. These seminal business cards Leicester were around the size of a playing card and were usually adorned with a family crest or other such embellishment. Shortly thereafter the arrival of the first French business cards, the practice of handing out personal cards spread around Europe.   

Eventually, there were two distinct types of business cards Leicester. Formal calling cards were still in vogue with the upper crust of society when business cards Leicester, also known as trade cards, came into fashion. Modern business cards Leicester are an easy way to present all of your pertinent business contact information on a small, elegant card. Of course, we do more than print gorgeous albeit affordable business cards Leicester. We are Printanet, and we are dedicated to providing businesses and individuals with every sort of printing service. Whether you desire letterheads and envelopes, multi-colour brochures or modern business cards, Printanet is the company to call on. We can use your own art, or we can design something for your approval. We work with .eps, .jpg, .pdf, .ps, .psd and .tif file formats. If you would like to know more about what we do, please call Printanet on 0560 1168 059 .